"The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year." - Mark Twain

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Cat waiting for his master to be loyal to one year

Belgrade cat article: Belgrade city Serbia is awaiting his owners and his faithful cat in a year in memory of sitting in one place for example.
is considered to be generally free cats than dogs, but it is very rare that your cat away waiting for the owner. This is the main one for the first time her pussy sitting on the covering of the hole in the summer of 2015, a person saw and was sent down to the image. He observed that the beautiful cat of cat for several days sitting in one place seems well daily and its behavior was strange.
To provide information to people around this man has the owner of the cat that was always around, and he departed from there your flat Beach, but they forgot to take the cat as well. Now people are feeding her pussy eat daily. People saw him as an example of human selfishness and of animals. In the same way a cat in Japan also after the death of his Lord, who has for several years had been sitting at his grave.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Embrace the performances of plays, the 'cut throats'

Play article: Auckland is due to a neck injury during the first performances of the musical drama 'Sweeney Todd' show in Auckland, New Zealand had to go to hospital two boys school.
Barber cut his customers' throats in the musical program gives a shop selling pieces of his body. Two boys in a 16-year-old boy had a deep wound, but Auckland Hospital says getting the better of the boys, who will be sent home soon.
saint kentigern college is very shocked by the incident, said the college administration. He said it was not razor sharp and that the school canceled the show when it was used too many times during rehearsals.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

4 foods that you can eradicate heart disease

London coronary arteries gradually live together pieces of fat and large quantities in middle age are closed together blood vessels in the coronary arteries, which causes heart attacks, but certain foods, the process absolutely can terminate.
According to experts, cardiovascular artery disease (coronary artery disease) or increases but it can not be returned or completely stopped. But one health expert said in 1990 that it is possible to reverse the arterial diseases of vegetables and exercise more. While exercising, the psychological feelings and environment also contribute to heart disease, but 4 naturals food becomes a barrier which eliminates fat from the arteries in the heart.
Several studies have revealed important if it increases the amount of sulfur in garlic can be eaten food mixed with onions and large quantities of anti-oxidants. Heart patients have been seen eating garlic has been a continuous and significant reduction of fat in the arteries when Jimmy made his heart angiography.
Pomegranate are discovering that they arteries associated with components that improve strength and heart to heart. Utilities powerful anti oxidants HDL cholesterol is increased in this way from cholesterol flow has been reversed and the vessel impairment due to some experiments proved that pomegranate may be too far away. Heart patients experience and fed the pomegranate juice to 5 years decreased the burden of coronary arteries.
Babugosha or albrgut (bergamot)
These fruits are found in Italy is lower than the amount of blood sugar that occur powerful cholesterol-lowering and anti-oxidants. Recently the experience of some people whose arteries were opened in the period of 6 months and lead to greater impact. This fruit like lemon, but the surface is rough.
Green Tea:
Discover days have been amazing properties of green tea. There are several important biological compounds found in green tea reduce the level of inflammation and cholesterol. Green tea makes a great overall health of the arteries. In addition, green tea is good for the heart disease has become well established.

WhatsApp made more secure messages to their customers

New York mobile app technology: send a message service, WhatsApp users to create a more secure encrypted messages started to talk to customers.
WhatsApp, according to the encryption of both the system and receive send message which will mean mixed message sender and that it will understand only when received when the message D would corrupt that if the organization will try and read the message as criminals or enforce any law, they will not read. WhatsApp He also said that their file transfers and calls will be encrypted to protect that personal contact is key for them.
The company's administration encryption: This time the attention when the USA company Apple FBI asked that they help open the iPhone gunman, but Apple refused to do so. Users who have a brand new version of the app to the service has started.
Amnesty International says it is a victory for freedom of expression, especially those whose work depends on reliable activists and journalists for the media. He will work upon their lives at stake.

The main reason for the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle article: The universe is full of mysteries and wonders and countless man is seeking to expose the secret beauty of Nature. Particularly science studies while working Son of Man has lifted the veil from the beginning to the countless secrets of the universe.
Despite not knowing how puzzle it forward. Man Access system in this vast universe could have some planets in the solar system. The number of reflections on the mystery of this planet yet. Bermuda Triangle or the Bermuda Triangle is one of them. It's actually Triangular sea area that stretches from the port of Puerto Rico from the British overseas territory and the North Atlantic coast of Florida. Once the cause of the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle are missing aircraft and ships in the area.
More than a dozen from 1945 to 1965, the Bermuda Triangle missing ships and planes. Surprisingly it has found that a portion of these ships and they did not sign the passengers in the front.
Fated ships and their passengers were swallowed sea or sky, until now scientists did not know. The amazing thing is that countless ships to the region since 1965 have passed safely.
Now scientists have claimed to know the reason for the disappearance of ships in the Bermuda Triangle. Norway's Arctic Science University scientists have discovered vast pit in the bottom of the Ocean Sea. Some of them are half a mile wide and 150 feet deep.
Experts claim that the secret of the disappearance of ships and aircraft can be hidden in the pit. According to scientists research shows that pit formed due to methane gas. Norway's coast is rich in natural gas reserves. Scientists say methane gas is stored below the bottom of the sea, when it can not find a way she burst emissions from the blast and pit falls to the bottom.
It's exactly the same thing as the pit becomes the explosion of a powerful bomb on the ground. The blast is estimated to be half a mile wide and a hundred feet deep pit in the bottom of the sea would be like an atomic bomb.
Mighty vibration caused by the explosions in the atmosphere and above will suffice to scatter like straw large ships. Last year, a Russian scientist science was also the cause of the disappearance of the ships interactions of methane gas. The researchers say that may be missing again after the incident the ship to verify that their research Bermuda Triangle.

Robot Transformer tablet is almost ready

Beijing mobile robot technology: Chinese and American company is a tablet in the form of robots, have jointly developed a toy tablet anyway and the price is only $ 20.
China and USA opens, which is a tablet robots conventional robot's name was the sound wave together into action a robot-like figure, is a thin, flat locked metal case but not the tablet, but a toy.
The robot has been designed under the Crowd Funding offered for sale Special Edition, April 6. The robot is a robot shut down in 30 steps from 7 mm thick tablet. In only 2 thousand eager transformer robot can buy it, the first step would be offered for sale in China.
The Chinese company said it was his famous tablet MI pads specifically designed to mark the sixth anniversary of the company to be prepared in terms of size.

Every year, 37 million people are at risk of death from diabetes, the World Health Organization

Geneva: World Health Organization says that one out of every 11 is rapidly expanding worldwide diabetes epidemic, which is already suffering from the disease of diabetes.
The World Health Organization says that worldwide diabetes epidemic Diabetes is one out of every 11 of which now rapidly spreading roots with. World losing his life has been warned in a report released by the health of 37 million people with diabetes every year around the world, so if you were not taking measures to prevent these deaths will increase.
The number of diabetics in 1980, there were more than 10 million, but the number of years due to the rapid increase in cases in 2014 exceeded 42 million, four-fold increase.

Likely the most powerful X-ray of the scientific revolution

 X-ray technology: California scientists will be announced before the X-ray laser to create more powerful and high cost of a billion dollars.
Lenik coherent light source (L.C.L.S.) has been added to the laser beam, which is 10 times faster and speed will be 8 thousand times. The laser beam L.C.L.S. to be named that will help you learn the movement of atoms in living things and details.
Scientists said the powerful X-rays will be amazing discoveries which will bring energy, pharmaceuticals and electronics revolution. According to the director of L.C.L.S. x-ray science enters into a new era and a very small scale to pave the way for large-scale investigation.
X-ray laser will be completed by 2020 and the L.C.L.S. will be suspended for one year in 2018. Chemical servants laser beam (bonds) in molecules (molecules) will be invaluable to help you learn the modern setting and Reaction in material atoms could see.
The X-ray laser is supposed to be an exceptionally bright, including Cornell University, Fermi Lab and share eminent scientific organizations such as Jefferson Lab.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Drones will rain water!

Drone technology: Drones for drought and famine-hit areas could be a blessing. Scientists have been successful experiences of a drone that can cause rain. Engineers from Nevada and meteorologists team was experience over several months.
According to experts, it can increase to 15% for the artificial rain storm drones certain amount of natural rainfall. Seeding techniques are not new. This method has been used for many years, which is called 'Cloud seeding. Silver iodide the clouds in this way is sprayed with the chemical. The water vapor are converted into tiny little ice crystallizes in the air as a result of chemical reaction mixture. Solid form of water drops over the earth once. Meanwhile, it takes the form of solid and liquid in the form of rain fell upon the earth.
In general aircraft to spray cloud is a silver seeding iodide in the clouds, but the method is expensive. It can significantly reduce costs in the chemical cloud to be delivered by ship instead of drones. A normal person would also simulated rain shower drones.
Desert Research Institute, the United States and USA aviation enterprises on the engineers and scientists have jointly prepared mainly DAx8 eight-rotor drone, a few necessary changes, which have been installed devices in the cloud seeding. After arriving in the air to control the discharge of chemicals in the USA looks the smoke pressing a button. There are drops of water begin to fall shortly after.
Artificial rain storm in charge of the project of drone Adam Watts consider this milestone to recovery. He said that the problems of people living in drought-prone areas drones can cause somewhat lacking. I can not rain through cloud seeding that would end the drought. However, the basic requirements can be found to the water.
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