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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The British company has started work on a smartphone to be used as a passport

London mobile technology: printing banknotes and passports company in the UK has announced that it is working on a digital passport that will be possible to use the smartphone.
Many ticket and boarding pass digital copies using already reserved over the phone, but not digital full passport is a desire and a little hard but a highly secure passport details and biometric information that the company says which will be kept on the server fingerprint, digital photo, write the date and passport details.
The company faces the software and fingerprint checking the mechanism familiar face to identify, all these details of the passport will be put in the password on a phone that will lead to the server but still digital passport the destination is quite far away. Similarly, Australia is also a service to all passport data to the cloud where passport, airport staff may check the information going into the passport database. Currently being launched on a trial passengers between Australia and New Zealand.
One advantage of the company said that the whole system is that passengers check passports before they reach the airport, which will not have to waste time and long queues and the more than 700 passengers passport identified in an hour possible.
The cyber security experts this technology further and emphasized the need for opening new foolproof way to use data from hacking and misuse of passport checks through the Internet.

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