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Thursday, 7 April 2016

4 foods that you can eradicate heart disease

London coronary arteries gradually live together pieces of fat and large quantities in middle age are closed together blood vessels in the coronary arteries, which causes heart attacks, but certain foods, the process absolutely can terminate.
According to experts, cardiovascular artery disease (coronary artery disease) or increases but it can not be returned or completely stopped. But one health expert said in 1990 that it is possible to reverse the arterial diseases of vegetables and exercise more. While exercising, the psychological feelings and environment also contribute to heart disease, but 4 naturals food becomes a barrier which eliminates fat from the arteries in the heart.
Several studies have revealed important if it increases the amount of sulfur in garlic can be eaten food mixed with onions and large quantities of anti-oxidants. Heart patients have been seen eating garlic has been a continuous and significant reduction of fat in the arteries when Jimmy made his heart angiography.
Pomegranate are discovering that they arteries associated with components that improve strength and heart to heart. Utilities powerful anti oxidants HDL cholesterol is increased in this way from cholesterol flow has been reversed and the vessel impairment due to some experiments proved that pomegranate may be too far away. Heart patients experience and fed the pomegranate juice to 5 years decreased the burden of coronary arteries.
Babugosha or albrgut (bergamot)
These fruits are found in Italy is lower than the amount of blood sugar that occur powerful cholesterol-lowering and anti-oxidants. Recently the experience of some people whose arteries were opened in the period of 6 months and lead to greater impact. This fruit like lemon, but the surface is rough.
Green Tea:
Discover days have been amazing properties of green tea. There are several important biological compounds found in green tea reduce the level of inflammation and cholesterol. Green tea makes a great overall health of the arteries. In addition, green tea is good for the heart disease has become well established.

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